Load Testing/Pressure Testing/

The testing & inspection of all types of lifting equipment and lifting tackle including the following:

Overhead Travelling Cranes

Monorail structures
Jib Cranes

Vehicle Lifts

Mobile Cranes

Lift Trucks

Mobile elevating work platforms (cherry pickers)

Hydraulic Jacks

Chain Blocks

Lifting Tackle

Pressure testing of compressors


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Quality Systems


Lifting equipment is evaluated according to standard from the following Organisations

  • International Standards Organisation (ISO)

  • British Standards Institute (BSI)

  • American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

  • Standards South Africa (STANSA)

  • Australian & New Zealand (AS/NA)

  • European Norms (EN)



Work procedures are drawn up through of the following:

  • The different standards applicable to specific equipment

  • The requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, 85 of 1993

  • The requirements of the Mines Health & Safety Act, 1996 

  • The specifications of the OEM's or their agents/representatives

  • EN292: Risk Management & other related standards

  • Legal & Compliance Auditors' recommendations

  • Culmens' experience with relation to local conditions

All procedures are continuously updated and new information becomes available, alternatively annually.



Equipment are subjected to one or more of the following techniques over and above visual inspection & basic measurement (laser, veneer, spirit levels etc.)

Magnetic particle inspection - Determining cracks in ferrous metals

Ultrasonic tests (Flaw &  Wall) - Determining flaws in material where inaccessible to MPI or wall thickness of material.

Load/Tensile testing - Overload testing according to the manufacturing standards

Dye Penetrate - Determining cracks in non-ferrous material

Hydro-static/Pneumatic Pressure testing - Applicable to vessels under pressure.


Training & Assessment Centre

Training Scope

All Lift Trucks

Counter blanced lift trucks

F1 - F3

Operate Advanced defined purpose lift trucks

F5 - Reach Truck

F9 - Order Picker

F12 - Power Pallet Truck

F14 - Turret Truck

All Cranes

Overhead Cranes - Pendant Control C30

Overhead Crane - Cab Control C31

Truck Mounted Crane C32

Mobile Hydraulic Crane C33 - C39

Operate a Rache Stacker C48

Operate a Straddle Carrier C49

Basic Rigging





  • Registration as Lifting Machine Entity at the Department of Labour (LME 112)

  • All technicians have applied for Lifting Machine Inspectors the Engineering Council of South Africa

  • Compliance to an Interim Code of Parctice and the STANSA for the inspection and testing of Forklift Trucks

  • Culmen have accredited competent persons to do inspection and testing of pressure vessels (PV142 & PV537)

  • Member of STANSA Technical committees for Lift Trucks, Overhead Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Hydraulic Jacks, Mobile elevating work platforms and Lifting Tackle.  STANSA is currently in the process of drafting COP for the Inspection and testing of all types of lifting equipment.  Culmen are represented on all the relevant committees.

  • STANSA representative to ISO TC 110 Industrial Trucks.

  • Culmen has been guest speakers at several Safety seminars, including NOSA and AMEO

  • Culmen has been inspecting Pressure Vessels since 1991 and Lifting Equipment since 1993 but have well over 40 years of experience in the field.